Developing component libraries and introducing accessibility features to an enterprise-level Content Management System.

As part of a team tasked with scaffolding the UI for an enterprise-level CMS from the ground up, I undertook an ambitious project that redefined how people at Microsoft published web sites and e-commerce pages intended for Microsoft customers.

Translating mockups into interactive prototypes.

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Determine functionality of software features while adhering to UX design best practices.

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Design adaptable and responsive UI that can be used across multiple platforms.

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Using W3C standards, develop and design software that is usable by a screen reader and maintains its ease-of-use regardless of accessibility requirements.

Foundations and Prototyping

Interactive Design Implementation

Utilizing mockups, redlines, and necessary design implementation methods, I built interactive prototypes and component libraries that took designs to the next level and could be easily incorporated by developers into the software code base.


Usable for Everyone

Beyond point-and-click usability, accessibility ensures any potential users can use software and still have a good user experience while also providing an easy way to access necessary information.

Why is accessibility important in software?



Creating mockups, redlines, and web design treatments for XBOX, HoloLens, and Microsoft Azure.

I was part of a team that designed the web sites for XBOX and HoloLens and created design treatments for the then-upcoming Microsoft Azure.

Designing web sites with the Microsoft Web Framework.

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Designed redlines and wireframes that were later implemented into e-commerce web sites.

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I designed web apps using component libraries provided in the Microsoft Web Framework.

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Designs were finalized using Adobe Creative Suite and then translated into vivid interactive web apps.


Application Development

Experience the Science


Experience the Science is an single page "inspiration app" that pairs a random Neil deGrasse Tyson gif (using the Giphy API) with a random quote by the famous astrophysicist every time you hit the button.

React.js Python Flask Gulp Material-UI Apache



Wander is a photo journal app that allows users to browse popular photos worldwide via an interactive map and add their own travel photos and stories to a virtual "passport."

AngularJS Express MongoDB node.js HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap jQuery

Rare Colors


Rare Colors is a responsive web design project featuring some of the rarest pigments found in the natural world. Using those pigments as samples, I created a bold web design color palette for site themes.

Sketch Photoshop Materialize HTML5 CSS3 jQuery

Penny Post

Landing page for Penny Post, an app that uses photos from Facebook and Instagram to create unique postcards to send to friends.

Bootstrap CSS3 HTML5 node.js

Dinosaur Adventure


Dinosaur Adventure is a point-and-click browser game built with React.js.

React.js jQuery

Space Cats

Space Cats is a Virtual Reality experience set in a space station at zero-gravity. It was developed using the Unity3D engine for the HTC Vive.

Unity3D C# HTC Vive VR/AR